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US$460,00 - US$600,00/Ton Metrik
1 Ton Metrik(Min. Order)
US$700,00 - US$880,00/Ton Metrik
1.0 Ton Metrik(Min. Order)
US$80.000,00 - US$120.000,00/Buah
1.0 Buah(Min. Order)
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Zibo TAA Metal Technology Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of blasting abrasives in China and one of the top third suppliers all over the world. Founded in 1997, TAA has been awarded as National Hi-Tech Enterprise, owning the only metal abrasive engineering technology research center in China.

Relying on the research center, TAA has continuously developed many high-performance products more suitable for customers,including:low carbon bainite steel shot, low carbon bainite mixed abrasives, stainless steel cut wire shot, stainless steel grit etc.

Product Categories

US$750,00 - US$850,00/Ton Metrik
1.0 Ton Metrik(Min. Order)
500 Kilogram(Min. Order)
US$700,00 - US$850,00/Ton Metrik
1.0 Ton Metrik(Min. Order)
US$500,00/Ton Metrik
5 Ton Metrik(Min. Order)